"Tout feu, tout femme"

Born in 1949, French artist Evelyne Ballestra studied painting in the South of France and later moved to Switzerland. She met and worked with Rolf Dürig ,who was a master of the expressionist movement in his country.

Always inspired by nature and transformation, Ballestras’ paintings provide a direct sensory experience of her mind, body and soul. This radically idiosyncratic, emotionally evocative style articulates the inner spirituality of man and nature and led to her particular fusion of style that results in a dramatic, colorful, symbolist and rhythmic canvas, transcending our own human consciousness.

Ballestra incorporates colorful narratives and cultural innuendos that are inspired from her travels around the world, especially Egypt, Latin America and the Seychelles.

Her work with signs, symbols and esoteric spirituality reflects her passion for the ancient past. Her earlier works done in shallow relief, break down “form” into the most basic element and is a “return to the ground from which we emerged.” Her work creates a commentary about “beginnings” and the transmission of signs and emotions through visual elements evoking a spiritual essence to our scientific notion of etymology.

Ballestra began her flower series, defined by their distinct bright colors, satiny, silky, vibrating materials and form. Her work is reminiscent of the Fauvist movement, using highly intense color patterns. Her juxtaposition of colors and large canvas allude to a certain freedom that is seen with the Post-Impressionist approaches of Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and Henri Matisse.

Since 1974, Ballestra has exhibited in over 25 major group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

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Evelyne Ballestra